This is a project of the Portuguese Printing Press Museum which is in accordance with the strategically importance given to the cartoon since the museum opening in 1997.
The PortoCartoon-World Festival is the most international expression of this strategic line which includes this Cartoon Virtual Museum and in the future the International Gallery of the Cartoon.
The valorisation of the cartoon universal language, as a journalistic style that the printing press turns eternal is the very same principle that guides this museum option.
This virtual museum - “open “ to the web users on the 4th November 2005 - is a project under construction and a never ending one, for sure. We want it to, step by step, show to the world more and more pieces and information about the past, present and future of the many centuries cartoon art. All suggestions and information will be welcome.


Porto, 4 nov. 2005
Luís Humberto Marcos 

The Portuguese Printing Press Museum Director